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8) Young People Living with Fathers who use violence


7) What does it take to develop a program for men who use violence and are fathers?

Dr Katreena Scott – Associate Professor in the Department of Applied Psychology and Human Development at the University of Toronto presenting at the Fathering Challenges Workshop (April 2016)


6) Fathering in the context of domestic & family violence Seminar – by Professor Dan Saunders (28 April 2015)

After separation, men who abuse their intimate partners may misuse contact with their children and misuse the legal system in trying to maintain contact and control over their ex-partners.  Alternatively, some abusive men appear to have a genuine, caring connection with their children and this connection has the potential to motivate them for positive change.  This presentation is aimed at increasing understanding of the variations among men who use violence against women in their parenting motives and abilities.  (This video includes a short section of copyright content from “Male Violence: A Room Full of Men” used with permission.)

Presented by Daniel G. Saunders, Professor, University of Michigan, USA, School of Social Work & Fulbright U.S. Scholar, Te Awatea Violence Research Centre, University of Canterbury, New Zealand

Presented at the University of Melbourne in collaboration with project partners No to Violence and Berry Street (Video length 1 hour & 18 minutes, April 2015).

5) Breaking down the gender debate – it’s not biology but a complex mosaic of social constructionism & biology.  Link to the Alan Saunders Lecture by Associate Professor Cordelia Fine (28 June 2015)

4) How to prevent violence against women – link to ABC Radio National Podcast by Fiona McCormack CEO of DV Vic (24 June 2015)

3) Fathering Challenges Workshop / Seminar – Overview of the program of research (28 April 2015)

2) The Great Debate:  ‘Women are responsible for their own safety’.  (19 November 2014 AGM Women’s Health West)

1) Family violence, separated parents and fathering: Empirical insights and intervention challenges:  Rae Kaspiew and Cathy Humphreys

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