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Smith, J., & Humphreys, C. (2019). Child protection and fathering where there is domestic violence: Contradictions and consequences. Child & Family Social Work, 24(1), 156-163.

Abstract: Children live in different contexts of protection and vulnerability when exposed to domestic violence. The negative impacts for many ...
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Fogden, L., Kertesz, M. and Humphreys, C. (2018). Mothers in Mind: Independent Evaluation 2016-17. Melbourne: University of Melbourne.

Abstract: The Children’s Protection Society (CPS) provides support services to vulnerable families and children living in the North East Melbourne ...
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Pfitzner, N., Humphreys, C., & Hegarty, K. (2018). Engaging Men as Fathers: How Gender Influences Men’s Involvement in Australian Family Health Services. Journal of Family Issues, 39(16), 3956–3985.

Title: Engaging Men as Fathers: How gender influences men’s involvement in Australian Family Health Services Despite claims of “new” and ...
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Humphreys, C., Healey, L., Kirkwood, D. & Nicholson, D. (2018). ‘Children Living with Domestic Violence: A Differential Response through Multi-agency Collaboration’, Australian Social Work

Abstract: Developing appropriate pathways to assist children living with domestic and family violence (DFV) is challenging, particularly given the rise ...
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