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DRAFT guidelines for working with men who use violence and are fathers or in fathering roles.  One of the primary purposes of the Fathering Challenges research project is to fill a knowledge gap around guidelines for working with violent men and who either are now, or may in the future be in fathering roles.

ABS Personal Safety Survey- victim-perpetrator-sex-and-relationship.  A working paper on analysis of gender and relationship between victims and perpetrators. (latest update June 23 2015).  This paper is a work in progress with ongoing updates. If you find the information unclear or difficult to understand please let us know so we can clarify further.

The purpose of this paper is to run a parallel analysis of female and male victims of family related violence reported in the ABS PSS.  The paper is to enable simple and clear comparison of data reports.

The public discourse on victimisation of family violence often descends into dialogue where particular men’s groups compete to be noticed as victims of intimate partner violence. There are prominent examples where data reports on female and male victims are posed in order to counter the evidence of the other group.  Sometimes the data used for those purposes is taken from different population or sample bases and therefore not directly comparable.

One particular example is a report by some men’s groups that 1 in 3 victims of domestic violence are males.  This is often compared with a figure that 1 in 3 women are victims of violence from a male.  The first data report uses a sample base of reported victims of violence from family members, the second uses a population base of Australian adult women.

While both figures are correct, they can not be directly compared because the base from which the percentage is calculated is different.  In addition, the first reported statistic does not provide information about the sex and specific relationship of the perpetrator while the second provides information about sex but not relationship of the perpetrator.


Women’s Safety is a Men’s Issue: Men’s attitudes to violence against women and what that means for men – A White Ribbon research paper

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