Living with a father who uses violence:  Young People’s voices


Eight short digital stories were created by young people living with fathers who use violence.  As part of Katie Lamb’s PhD within the Fathering Challenges Research Project, these stories supported young people to be heard and to tell fathers how their violence affects their children.

The young people made these stories with the intention that they be used by programs and services working with men who use violence.

Three of the young people gave permission for their stories to be shared over the internet for easy access by programs.  These three stories can be viewed through this link.

Workshop Program update: Developing Programs for Men who are Fathers and Use Violence in the Home

The Panel:

Thinking about Men’s programs in Australia and how we cover content on both intimate partner violence as well as men as fathers and role models for young people.

Thank you to our team of panel members:

  • Jacqui Watt – CEO NTV
  • Alan Thorpe – Director at Daridi Munwurro (Victorian Statewide Aboriginal Men’s program)
  • David Ellis – National Training Manager at the Secretariat of National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Child Care (SNAICC)
  • Damien Green – Research Associate at Curtin University, and former Executive Manager and facilitator of men’s programs at Communicare WA

Facilitated by:  Cathy Humphreys – University of Melbourne and Chief Investigator on the Fathering Challenges project


More information on the presenters and panel members.  The April 29 event agenda1 is now available.

Announcing Research Alliance to End Violence against Women and Children (RAEV)


Professor Cathy Humphreys

Social Work Professor Cathy Humphreys and Primary care researcher Professor Kelsey Hegarty at the University of Melbourne, announced the Research Alliance to End Violence against Women and Children. The Alliance is designed to encourage interdisciplinary research across the University and its partners to keep women and children safe.  See the whole Article in The Voice.

Call for National Study on Child Safety

Stepping into life

Chief Investigator on the Fathering Challenges project, Professor Leah Bromfield (Deputy Director of the Australian Centre for Child Protection – University of South Australia) explains the lack of knowledge around prevalence of child abuse and neglect in Australia.

In this interview Leah discusses a number of child safety issues including children and social media, consideration of cumulative harm when assessing risk, and the complex decisions around removing children from their home.

Patricia Karvelas’ interview with Leah Bromfield on Radio National Drive April 13, 2015


Interviews with program mangers for programs with men – Fathering Challenges project

VAW workshopThis ARC linkage research project includes a component learning about the way in which programs work with men who are both violent in their relationships and fathers.  

Across Australia there are a great range of group programs for men which deal with men’s use of violence against women, and a others working with men in their roles as fathers.   This research team is interested in hearing from program managers about the ways in which group programs handle the co-occurrence of intimate partner violence in the context of fathering. The research involves an interview (30-60 minutes).

We are interviewing across Australia, if you are part of a program you believe would be suitable to include you may wish to contact us through the form below.