Developing Programs for Men who are Fathers and Use Violence in the Home

Events with Associate Professor Katreena Scott

(Caring Dads program in Toronto Canada)


We are pleased to have Katreena as a visiting fellow at the University of Melbourne School of Social Work over April and May 2016. The event program developed so far includes:

April 27 – Staff and student Colloquium at the University of Melbourne.  

Katreena will provide a short overview of her work (40 minutes) followed by a question and answer session.  This will be combined with a short presentation by Katie Lamb, the PhD student developing digital stories of young people who have lived with violent fathers.

This is a free event with limited places.

12:30-2pm, The Sanderson Room, Ground floor, West Wing, The Medical Building (181 Grattan Street, Parkville)

RSVP send email to Nicole Hill:

April 29 – Fathering Challenges workshop at the University of Melbourne.  

This full day workshop will include:

  • A 2 hour workshop with Katreena Scott:  What does it take to develop a program working with men who use violence and who are fathers?
  • Pactitioner tool development – Digital Stories: the voices of children living with an abusive or violent father. A session by Katie Lamb (PhD student) about practitioner use of the digital stories she has developed with the voices of young people who have lived with violent fathers.
  • An update on all strands of the Fathering Challenges project including the Aboriginal strand, mainstream and voices of young people living with violence.
  • Workshop to identifying needs among practitioners working with men who are both fathers, or in fathering roles, and who may perpetrate violence against their female intimate partner – this will include discussion about working with Aboriginal men attending mainstream programs.
  • Expert Panel discussion – participants to be confirmed

Please note this is a not-for-profit event. The ticket price is to cover the venue and catering costs only.

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May 2016 – “Caring Dads” Practitioner Professional Development (date to be advised)

This two day workshop on the Caring Dad’s program will be run in Melbourne.  A registration form will be sent out as soon as logistics and dates are set.

Contacting Katreena while she is here:
Katreena will be based in Melbourne and is not planning to travel during the Fellowship.
She will have office space at the University and will be keen to connect with facilitators and managers of men’s and fathering programs in order to better understand the landscape in Australia prior to delivering her workshops.  She will have a local phone and Skype access and we’ll send out local contact information once she arrives.

Interviews with program mangers for programs with men – Fathering Challenges project

VAW workshopThis ARC linkage research project includes a component learning about the way in which programs work with men who are both violent in their relationships and fathers.  

Across Australia there are a great range of group programs for men which deal with men’s use of violence against women, and a others working with men in their roles as fathers.   This research team is interested in hearing from program managers about the ways in which group programs handle the co-occurrence of intimate partner violence in the context of fathering. The research involves an interview (30-60 minutes).

We are interviewing across Australia, if you are part of a program you believe would be suitable to include you may wish to contact us through the form below.

Risk of domestic homicide

Considering the differentials of risk of domestic homicide

Professor Cathy Humphreys:   “You can’t be a violent offender and a good father,”  A recent article from The Age (March 29th 2015) by Melissa Fyfe

Turning the tables on violent men: can domestic homicide be curbed?