Worried About Sex And Pornography Project – WASAPP

The aim of the WASAPP project is to synthesise current evidence and generate new evidence about secondary prevention of harmful sexual behaviour, and to apply that evidence to the co-design of a Stop it Now! service or online website response to young people worried about their sexual behaviours.

The research questions are:

  1. What is known about intervening early in harmful sexual behaviour for children and young people?
  2. What are the components of a service response for children and young people worried about their sexual thoughts and behaviours?

How could this intervention be incorporated into an Australian Stop It Now! service?

Researchers: Dr Gemma McKibbin; Prof Cathy Humphreys; Prof Kelsey Hegarty; Dr Mohajer Hameed

Funders: N/A

Partners: Jesuit Social Services

Project Dates: June 2019 – June 2020

Contact: Gemma McKibbin