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The socio-cultural factors of adult family homicide

The research examines the socio-cultural factors of adult familial homicide in Victoria. The project aims to examine the role that socio-cultural factors can play for both the deceased and the offender and within intimate partner and other (non-intimate) family relationships. It is intended that the ...
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Healey, L., Humphreys, C., Tsantefski, M., Heward-Belle, S., Chung, D., & Mandel, D. (2018). Invisible Practices: Working with fathers who use violence. Practice guide. Sydney, NSW: ANROWS.

Abstract: The Invisible Practices project looked at what skills and organisational supports are necessary to allow CP practitioners, specialist DFV practitioners, justice services and family services practitioners to work well with fathers who use violence. Invisible Practices was an action research project that involved a ...
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Diemer, K., Ross, S., Humphreys, C., & L. Healey (2017). A ‘double edged sword’: discretion and compulsion in policing domestic violence. Police Practice and Research: An International Journal, 18(4), 339-351.

Abstract:Policing domestic violence is a complex area in which there are divergent views about the extent to which front line police action should be mandated by legislation and guidance. This study set in Victoria, Australia raised questions about the balance between discretion and compulsion in ...
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