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The socio-cultural factors of adult family homicide

The research examines the socio-cultural factors of adult familial homicide in Victoria. The project aims to examine the role that socio-cultural factors can play for both the deceased and the offender and within intimate partner and other (non-intimate) family relationships. It is intended that the ...
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Humphreys, C., Diemer, K., Bornemisza, A., Spiteri‐Staines, A., Kaspiew, R., & Horsfall, B. (2019). More present than absent: Men who use domestic violence and their fathering. Child & Family Social Work.

Abstract: An earlier article referred to the “absent presence” of the perpetrator in the lives of children and their mothers who have lived with domestic violence. It identified the ways in which the shadow of the perpetrator continued and was evidenced in the “symptoms of ...
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Macvean, M. L., Humphreys, C., & Healey, L. (2018). Facilitating the collaborative interface between child protection and specialist domestic violence services: a scoping review. Australian Social Work, 71(2), 148-161.

Abstract: Service provision in domestic and family violence involves complex responses from multiple systems. Early evidence involving other sectors suggests interagency working may benefit service systems and providers. This points to possible benefits for service users. A scoping review of models of interagency working between ...
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