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Investigating a model of reparation among university students and domestic violence perpetrators: understanding the psychological underpinnings

Understanding the psychological process of reparation and self-forgiveness has been an area of increased research interest over the last decade. Theoretical and empirical models have linked guilt, shame, self-oriented and other-oriented empathy, conciliatory behaviour and self-forgiveness together but there is a lack of clarity around ...
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kNOwVAWdata: Measuring Violence against Women in the Asia Pacific

Reliable, comparable data on violence against women are essential to prevention and response efforts, however technical capacity to collect data about violence against women safely and accurately is limited. In light of this, UNFPA in partnership with the University of Melbourne, ANROWS, and Australian Department ...
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Tarzia, L., Humphreys, C., & Hegarty, K. (2017). Translating research about domestic and family violence into practice in Australia: possibilities and prospects. Evidence & Policy: A Journal of Research, Debate and Practice, 13(4), 709-722.

Abstract: The volume of research being conducted into domestic and family violence is increasing, yet knowledge translation in this area lags behind other fields such as healthcare. Little is known about how to effectively harness and implement research findings in the 'real world', and there ...
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